Frequently Asked Questions

When & How Do I Place My Order?

Unlike some beef providers, Needwood Farms sells our cattle year round.  
Some providers want to sell their cattle in the Fall because they don't want to
feed hay or don't have pasture for the Winter.  But we feed our cattle to finish in
a feedlot not on pasture. We usually have a few animals ready almost anytime
year round. Therefore, the answer to "when do you place an order" is as soon
as you decide that you want Needwood Beef in your freezer.  Give us a call to
see when our next booking is and we can place you on "the list" or you can
place an order well in advance.  You can call in June and ask for a November
pick up time and if possible we'll come as close as we can to accommodate
your needs.  The wait time can been as soon as 2-4 weeks or may be a couple
of months.  There is a variation due to the volume of orders versus the number
of cattle ready at a given time.  We promise to give you good guidance from your
1st call until your beef is in the freezer.  The short answer is call us as soon as
you may be considering a beef purchase.  We'll give you the information you
need to make an informed decision.

How Do I Decide What To Order?

We'll be happy to help guide you through your decision.  We'll talk about the size
of your family and whether or not you have small or older children.  These are
factors in deciding on ordering a 1/4 beef (which is a split side) or a larger
amount.  Sometimes it's good on your first order to start with a 1/4 and see how
long that will last your family.  I sometimes suggest when your beef is about
half gone in your freezer it's time to call us and get on the pre-order list.  This
method will help you to not run out and will allow us to put you in line where you
would be best accommodated.  As far as what cuts to order, Tim Pry is a well
trained and skilled butcher,  which means he'll be able to make suggestions
and answer all of your questions.  A week or two before your order is to be cut
at the processors, Tim will call you and go through the cuts available for you to
choose from, along with specifics on how thick you want your steaks, and what
size you want your roasts.  You'll be able to choose the ground beef package
size, such as 1lb, 1.5lb, or 2lb packs.  He'll ask if you want patties made from
some of the ground beef.  There will be other cuts available and he will be
happy to guide you through this process quickly and painlessly.

How Do I Pick Up My Beef Order?

When our processor calls Needwood Farms and says your beef order has
been cut, wrapped (vacuum sealed), and frozen, they will give us the hanging
weight of your order.  Then we will total your amount due and give you a call.  
We will tell you the hanging weight, the amount due and we will give you
directions to pick up the order in Mt. Airy, MD.  It's an easy drive, approximately 5
miles from I-70.  Very Easy!!  When you pick up your order, the processor will
not ask for any money.  You simply will tell them your name and that you are
picking up an order from "Pry's" and they will bring your order out to your
vehicle.  You'll go home and put your great beef in your freezer and drop us a
check in the mail.  Again EASY!!

How Long Will My Beef Order Last?

That very much will depend on your family.  How many times a week you
prepare beef?  How many servings are prepared for each meal?  Sometimes
when you have children or parents not living with you, you may share with
them.  All of these will factor into how slow or fast you will go through your
freezer beef.  Once again I'll suggest that you kind of track your usage by the
above and when it is approximately half gone.  If you use half in about three
months - then call us to place an order in advance for approximately three
months later.  However, if you choose to wait until your getting low, that will work
as well.  We will do our best to accommodate whatever your ordering style may

More Questions - 301.834.8752

Please call us. That's what we're here for.  We would enjoy hearing from you!!  
Getting to know our customers and having them know us enhances our
customer service.  

We will be happy to provide references from a number of satisfied customers,
you would be able to ask how the experience has been for them.  
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