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Cooking Steaks - You'll get better
results if you allow your steak to
relax at room temperature for
awhile prior to cooking.  It will
cook at a more uniform rate than
a cold steak just out of the

Remember all meat is best when
allowed to rest before cutting.  This allows the juices to settle and maintain the
natural juices of the steak or roast.  If you cut too soon the juices will run out of
the meat onto your plate and you will no longer have a juicy steak or roast.

Whenever possible, plan ahead to alleviate stress. Beef ribs and brisket are
both cuts that require advance thinking.  They give best results when cooked
low and slow.

Try Steak Fingers.  Use sirloin steak, cut into strips approximately one inch
wide and the length of the steak.  In a bowl, mix an egg and water.  In a second
bowl, mix flour, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings desired.  Dip each
steak finger in the egg/water mixture and then in the flour mixture.  Then fry the
pieces in a frying pan in oil on med - med high heat.  Fry the steak fingers until
they are lightly browned and crisp on one side, turn and cook until crisp on the
other side.  Drain on paper towel.  Serve with steak sauce, ketchup, and/or BBQ

Remember to utilize your crock pot - it's even great to pile in ingredients for
speghetti/pasta sauce (Fry up your burger and drain prior to putting in crock
pot).  Throw all your goodies in the pot - I like to use ground beef / 1-2 jars of
store bought pasta sauce / or several cans of tomato sauce / a can of petite
diced tomatoes / and whatever is on hand.  Roughly chopped onions / green or
other colored peppers - My favorite way is to add a little red pepper flakes or a
little cayenne pepper.  Then to offset the little spicy heat, throw in a little brown
sugar.  And of course as always your favorite spices or Italian seasonings.  
Start your crock pot in the morning and when your ready to cook your pasta, your
sauce is ready.   *This can also be thrown together quickly on the stove top in a
large pot and cooked up in about 30 minutes.  

Dry Seasonings & Marinades
Great on Steak, Roasts, Short Ribs, & Brisket

First of all, don't be afraid, be adventurous.  These are just more tools for the
experienced, and the novice cook.  You can use both together, a rub and a
marinade or just try one.  Just use common sense about what flavors will best
suit your personal preference and which ones will compliment each other.  

Dry Rubs - There are a number of good steak seasonings in the stores these
days in the spice section.  It's a good and easy way to add different flavors to
your dinner.  

Make Your Own - Experiment with dry seasonings - mix and match ones that
will go well together.  Chili Powder / Salt / Pepper / Garlic Powder  or  Salt /
Pepper / Oregano / Italian Seasonings.  There are so many possibilities - Just
go for it!

Marinades - Once again there are some really good ones in the stores.  Good
and Easy.  

Make Your Own - Same suggestion here - mix and match - experiment

Ingredients to try Worcestershire Sauce / Soy Sauce / Salt / Pepper / Cayenne
Pepper or Red Pepper Flakes / Onions or Onion Powder / Garlic Powder /
Honey / Chili Sauce....One that will surprise you but a great ingredient (base for
your marinade) is Milk!  Trust me milk has an enzyme that tenderizes meat but
does not impact the flavor - so mix your other dry and wet marinade ingredients
with milk and soak your steak and roast in this.  For 30 minutes to a couple of
hours depending on cut and thickness and you'll get great results!  

Recipes for great beef dishes can be found at these links:

Use common sense and pick a recipe that sounds like it matches your taste
preference and your cooking experience.
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