Freezer Beef Packages

Our beef is available in three different
size packages, from a whole beef, to a
half beef, down to a quarter, which is
sold as a split side.

Our beef is sold by the
hanging weight - the weight of the beef as it hangs on
the rail in a meat cooler, before butchering.  Excess fat and bones are removed
during cutting, so the finished weight (take home weight) is approximately 65%
of the hanging weight (This will vary with each animal).

Whole Beef - $3.25 per lb
    approx. 800 lbs. hanging weight
    approx. 490 - 530 lbs. of meat

Half Beef - $3.35 per lb
    approx. 400lbs. hanging weight
    approx. 230 - 280 lbs. of meat

Quarter (Split Side) - $3.45 per lb
    approx. 200 lbs. hanging weight
    approx. 120 - 140 lbs. of meat

If you order a quarter, you will get a split side which is half of a half including
cuts from both front and hind quarters.
Rib eye, Fillet
Mignon, NY Strip
Steaks, Sirloin, Flank
Steak & Round
Chuck, Arm, Rump
Eye Round & Sirloin
Package size &
Patties. Various
package sizes &
patties are available
Ribs, Stew, Liver, &
You'll be able to make selections from the following cuts & more...
***All prices subject to change***
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