Improper field dressing and failure to keep the animal clean and cool are the
biggest problems we see as processors. Here are some tips that can help you
maximize your yield, as well as meat quality.

  • Cut around rectum to free it and the bladder
  • Remove the paunch, intestines, bladder and rectum
  • Split rounds at seam to pelvis bone. Split bone if possible. Be careful
    not to jab the rounds.
  • Watch for the tenderloins
  • Cut around diaphragm to remove lungs and heart.
  • Remove udder on female deer
  • Pack cavity with ice during transport

    Once a deer is on the ground, field dress
    as soon as possible. Remember to split
    the pelvis bone and remove the bladder.
    Also, make sure that you do not break the
    bladder and get the contents inside the
    deer. This will increase the chance for
    your meat to spoil.

Leave the skin on the deer. We can skin much cleaner because we have a
system to keep the deer free of hair and debris.

If the temperature is warm, as it seems to be most opening weekends and
many days through the season, keeping the animal cool is very important. This
is best accomplished by filling the chest cavity of your field dressed deer with
several bags of ice. This will keep your deer cool while transporting.

Bring your deer in fresh. We do not accept aged deer. They need to come in the
same day of harvest. Your deer will hang and age in our cooler as it waits its
turn in our line.
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