About Needwood Farms

Our family invites you to treat your
family to a product that you'll enjoy and

The Pry family has been farming locally
for nearly 100 years near the Historic Village of Burkittsville, Maryland, nestled
at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We have chosen to raise Angus and
Angus influenced cattle, a breed well known and respected for its marbling
ability and higher tenderness.  It is the unequaled quality beef leader.

    We take great pride in raising the feed that
    our cattle consume.  The cattle are raised
    on a strictly vegetarian diet of all natural
    grains. This ensures that quality feed
    produces tender, flavorful beef.

In today's market, it's not easy to find a reliable, safe resource for your family's
beef needs, especially with the number of recalls in recent years from large
processors across the country.  When you purchase your family's beef from
Needwood Farms, you're purchasing a built in confidence that comes from the
knowledge that your beef was born and raised on a local farm. The alternative
might be the large cattle operations with thousands of animals in a feed lot
which are sent to huge processors/packers and then end up in your "local
store". Our family has chosen a local family owned, USDA-certified processor
that adds even more value to your beef purchase.

Your order is cut to your specifications, including roast size, steak thickness,
package size of ground beef, and the cuts you prefer.  Your cuts are vacuumed-
sealed and quick-frozen to maintain freshness and prevent “freezer burn" for up
to 2 years.  Each pack is labeled with your name, the cut of beef and the date of
packaging.  This may seem unnecessary however it's very convenient when a
renegade pack gets dropped to a corner in your freezer.  You may not find it for
a month or even a year.  You wonder how long you've had that pack of beef - no
worry - it's got the date on the pack and once again, you can feel confident
about what you put on the table. These are all
small details that make a big
Needwood Farms
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Needwood Farms
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Needwood Farms
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